Exploring Food Trends for Weight Loss and Health

Most of you are probably aware by now, that certain food trends fluctuate throughout the media (which can often make a Dietitians job challenging to say the least). One minute the media tells individuals to eat low fat, the next minute, high fat. One minute saturated fat is said to be bad for you, the next minute it is said to be good for you. One minute dairy is said to be good for you, the next minute it is said to be bad for you. No wonder people are confused by it all!

See the graph below for fluctuations in food trends:

The one thing to remember among all of the conflicting messages in the media, is that they are seeking to improve sales, rather than improve health. Which is why shock tactics work better than sensibility. How “un-sexy” is it to tell people to eat sensibly; to eat a balanced diet; to splurge from time to time, but to keep your exercise and overall diet in check?!

If there was one “diet” that worked, then that would be the diet to end to all diets, but the truth is there isn’t, weight loss is much more than what is put into your mouth, and similarly health is much more than what is put into your mouth. Sometimes we forget that social and spiritual health is just as important as physical health, and sometimes that piece of cake with friends is much better for you than social isolation due to restrictive eating habits. Not to mention, this may even lead to binge eating, which I often come across in private practice.

Another interesting point to note is that restrictive eating can even actually lead to weight gain and make weight loss even harder as a result of various mechanisms such as binge eating, a reduction in metabolism and an increase in circulating stress hormones (which have implications in the development of obesity). Disordered eating comes in many forms, and not just those that are obvious. If you are restricting your diet in any form, whether it is cutting out entire food groups or restricting yourself from foods that you love, then you may not be doing as much good as you think.

Just a bit of food for thought.







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