What They Don’t Tell You When You Finish University

It’s been a while since I last posted and this blog is a bit of change of pace from my usual posts, bit of a relief of frustration if you will, and who knows, there may be someone else going through the same thing!

I have spent most of this year busy with Uni (I know, what was I thinking going back?!) and embarking on the toughest year of my academic life – trying to complete an entire thesis in about 8 months. In addition to this, I have also been working as a private practice Dietitian for the last 7 months, which has not been an easy ride, particularly when both commitments need and/or demand prioritization over the other.

Prior to this I spent an entire year working 3 hospitality jobs, surviving on about 5-6 hours sleep a night in pure desperation for a holiday (which I hadn’t been on for about 7 years), all the while questioning the last 6 years of my life in which I completed two degrees, three certificates and one diploma (two of which were international courses in my holidays whilst everyone else was having down time from studies), which has left me with an enormous HECS debt I might also add!

The first year out of Uni was rough and I spent an entire year, perhaps more, being angry and frustrated. Why did no-one tell us? Why did no-body say “hey kids, the reality is that you have a very slim chance of getting a job once completing University” or “you may end up working in a setting in which you have minimal skills (i.e. business skills) where you are going to face criticism from others as a result of “moving in on their turf”, even though you are left with no other option but to do so.

Why? I guess that’s because it isn’t their problem. An individuals dreams in the larger scheme of it all, just aren’t on their radar, they are pumping through hundreds of graduates, many of which are going to be left shattered and in tears after receiving “application not successful” time after time ( I am speaking from experience here) as a result of the sheer lack of positions. It really isn’t good enough, and upsets me when the system “swallows” the individual, just so that it can make more money, but I guess that is the nature of the beast, even when you think you have done your best, you just have to keep pushing, keep trying and eventually (well I hope anyway), it will all work out.




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